Safeway Stores


  LightRaze designed lighting system that made Safeway’s Lifestyle Concept successful.

Here is what we did

  • analyzed the objectives of the Lifestyle Concept – branding, look and feel requirements, and the overall strategy for guiding customers within the store
  • precisely measured and analyzed the energy consumption and lighting levels
  • designed and implemented vertical illumination concept to have proper illumination of different shelves
  • used their network of suppliers and designers to design and secure customized lighting products
  • worked with the auditor to secure the energy credits for Safeway stores

“Dear Mr Raissen,

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the assistance and expertise you’ve provided and the critical role you’ve played in what is essentially still a relatively new area for most companies. Your work has helped us to meet the requirements necessary in order to assist Safeway in claiming the tax deduction by enhancing our ability to qualify and confirm the energy efficient performance related to the renovation of their retail stores.”

-James C. Su – Senior Manager, Engineering & Depreciation Advisory Services – Deloitte LLP