Gilcrest Residence, Beverly Hills CA


This home is sleek and streamlined, minimalist but rich in materials creating warmth, elegance and luxuriousness.

Working with the client and Architect C.J Bonura, lighting designers LightRaze were engaged to create a new lighting scheme that would accentuate the homes details and create an awesome nighttime look.

“In 1948 the owner commissioned his friend, Frank Lloyd Wright, to build his iconic recording studio,and this gave us the inspiration for our creativity ,” said Mark Raissen, president at Lightraze.

To accomplish this, Lightraze used focused specific beams of light and a mix of very warm color temperatures to accent the architecture and interior design. To emphasize the spatial features, Lightraze used mostly triple head aimable flush mud-in recessed luminaires to light the vertical spaces, drawing the eye towards the ceiling. Set close to the surface and using a narrow beam, the luminaires graze the concrete, bringing out its texture and character.

To create drama we uplit huge shuttered concrete walls. Again set close to the surface, we specified medium beam optics in the luminaires to create scalloping shapes of light, highlighting the grandeur of these zones.

“We designed the entire lighting scheme,specified all architectural fixtures,negotiated with manufacturers and procured the lighting,” Raissen said.

“We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the client, architect, contractor and AV/dimming control specialist.”