Caesar's Forum Shoppes


When we were offered the opportunity to design the lighting at Caesars Palace, our entire team was very excited. It was an opportunity to use the leading edge technology that would save energy and enhance the magic at their hotel, casino and forum shops.

Here is what we did

We collaborated with Paul Steelman Architects (Las Vages, NV) to enhance the brand appeal of Caesars Palace through effective lighting; they also aimed to embed energy efficiency into the design leveraging cutting-edge technology products. Within a fair budget and tight energy constraints, the LightRaze team managed to illuminate all areas so the overall design and experience would weave seamlessly with the brand objectives of Caesars Palace.

  • The Hotel and all the suites had a combination of subtle cove lighting, cans for accent lighting, and chandeliers/wall sconces for general light.
  • In the Casino, gaming tables were lit to the gaming board’s code of practice. Stained glass domes were backlit using a blend of HPS for a golden glow on the warm glass and MH for a crisp glow on the cooler colored glass.
  • The Forum Shoppes lighting had custom designed Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs and computerized dichroic lenses that emulated the lighting experience of natural sunlight throughout the day, including beautiful sunsets and sunrise scenes.

“We were able to reduce energy consumption, which saved about two hundred thousand dollars per year for Caesars Palace,” said Mark Raissen, President of LightRaze. ”Nothing makes me happier than being energy efficient and sustainable in a beautifully illuminated project.”